Composition of argan oil

Composition of argan oil

Composition of
argan oil

Composition of
argan oil
100% natural
argan oil
is extracted from the argan oil almond.
For centuries, the argan forest riparian Berber women produce
argan oil for
the food needs of local populations but, they also traditionally use it for
their skin and hair care.

Obviously, argan
has natural virtues confirmed by several scientific studies conducted
both in Morocco and Europe. Its major biochemical components are all universally
recognized for their beneficial effects on health.
Composition of
argan oil
linoleic acid (polyunsaturated): 35%
oleic acid (mono): 45%
Tocopherols : 62 mg. / 100 g.
Polyphenols : 5.6 mg. / 100 g.
Carotenes : 300 mg. / 100 g.
Sterols : 160 mg. / 100 g.
Terpenic alcohols : 150 mg. / 100 g
In conclusion

Argan oil is
well balanced in essential fatty acids and has very appreciable quantities of
components gifted recognised biological activity: Tocopherol, Beta carotene,
Polyphenols, Sterols, alcohols terpene… Rich in linoleic acid (35%) as well as
its content in Polyphenols and Tocopherols confer a remarkable dietary profile.